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Commercial bins require regular cleaning to avoid them becoming a potential health hazard.

Smelly bins can be unpleasant for any customers, visitors or staff passing by.

Our wheelie bin cleaning service will help to maintain high standards of hygiene, minimise the build up of grime and residues and reduce the risk of pest infestation.

We will wash your bins on-site on an arranged day on a schedule to meet your requirements.

The hand operated lance on the washing system removes contaminated debris from the bottom of the bins. Difficult stains are removed manually using a scourer.
Our specialist equipment is self-contained; it collects, filters and recycles the water used, so we don’t require access to water, drainage or power.

After cleaning your bin we will apply our eco-friendly deodoriser which will leave your bins smelling fresh.

We can also clean your bin store if required.

Pricing varies depending on frequency, number of bins and location.

Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Herts

Commercial Bin Cleaning Service

Freshbinz Commercial Bin Cleaning

You can choose to pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash on the day of cleaning.

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Prepayment options for domestic wheelie bins:

6 cleans for £24
12 cleans for £45, best value at £3.75 per clean
One-off clean for £9


Special Offers:

One-off clean £9 per domestic wheelie bin or have all three bins cleaned for just £21
(bins must be at the same address).


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