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Freshbinz Ltd is a wheelie bin cleaning company.

We clean both commercial and domestic bins on a one-off or regular basis.

We currently operate in Sawbridgeworth, Bishop’s Stortford, Bunting ford, Puckeridge, Standon, Much Hadham, Furneux Pelham and surrounding areas.

If you live outside of these areas please contact us to check if we can accommodate your bins on a one-off basis.

Our wheelie bin cleaning services provide a very effective method of cleaning both household and commercial wheelie bins. Over time bins become dirty and collect residues which emit offensive smells. Dirty bins can become breeding grounds for bacteria and become infested with flies or attract vermin; particularly where the bins are used for food and garden waste.

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Domestic Bin Cleaning Service

Freshbinz Domestic Bin Cleaning

You can choose to pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash on the day of cleaning.

If you could like a quote for any of the services we provide, please click the button below.

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Prepayment options for domestic wheelie bins:

6 cleans for £24
12 cleans for £45, best value at £3.75 per clean
One-off clean for £9


Special Offers:

One-off clean £9 per domestic wheelie bin or have all three bins cleaned for just £21
(bins must be at the same address).


  Domestic Bin Cleaning Offers.

 FreshBinz - Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Herts

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Freshbinz, the wheelie bin Cleaning Services in Herts and the surrounding areas.

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